** The most exciting alien WAR game **

Tiny Commandos is a Third Person Shooter alien war , It has been designed for fans of the best 3D action games and 3D shooter games . You'll have to pass levels of difficulty using some diferent assault weapons and power ups .

There will be more than 20 different types of weapons and power-ups you can get in the level from enemys and supply crates . You can use this rewards items to get the best Achievements and Scores in Google Play Game Services and be the best player in the best alien shooter game .


Space Survival Shooter is a FREE game where you have to save the galaxy and destroy a horde of invasive alien spaceship to achieve the greatest possible number of points and achievements . Your spaceship should avoid the alien attacks and have to destroy all the alien spaceship as you can before they kill you . Invite your friends in multiplayer mode and uncover who is the most skilled in the galaxy.

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