Tiny Commandos

** The most exciting alien WAR game **


Tiny Commandos is a Third Person Shooter alien war , It has been designed for fans of the best 3D action games and 3D shooter games . You'll have to pass levels of difficulty using war assault weapons and power ups . Fire your weapon and go your way through attacks .

There will be more than 20 different types of shooter weapons and power-ups you can get in the level from enemys and supply crates . You can use this rewards items to get the best Achievements and Scores in Google Play Game Services and be the best player in the best alien shooter game


★ Characteristic ★


- 3D Characters looks cute and tiny toon , but really they be killing machines .

- You can select between 3 tiny toon animal commando , Each commando has been specially designed with different special abilities .

- Difficulty increase along the level and each level , different angry alien war types will attack you .

- Collect weapons and power-ups to upgrade your character and overcome the difficulty levels .

- 12 different alien war weapons with spectacular fatal shootings .

- 6 different power-ups to improve the health , armor , speed , damage , shield and lives of your commando .

- If you panics or has too many angry enemies use the mass destruction button to kill everything .

- Buy robotic Pets and upgrades to help you commando to overcome your records .

- Support Google Play Game Services with 29 types of achievements and 2 ranking leaderboard .

- Spectacular 3D graphics and sound effects care to detail for you , to enjoy to the fullest of this 3D shooter game .

- Músic by Alextrackone : www.Alextrackone.com .


★ War Controls ★


- Left pad is for player movement .

- Right pad is for fire weapon and fire direction .

- Right secondary button is for A.O.E weapon .

- Use small camera button to take screenshot and share with your friends .



★ Social networks ★


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tressor.gamestudio


Twitter : https://twitter.com/TreSSor_Studio

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